Workshop Leader

Benedict A. Stanberry

Benedict A. Stanberry



10:00 am – 12:00 pm Thailand Time


How to support, engage and retain your healthcare workforce when you need them the most.

Over the last couple of decades, patient experience has become widely recognised as one of the most important indicators of the quality of healthcare services. However, despite being rightly praised as heroes by governments and the public during the global Covid-19 pandemic, we have failed to give equal attention to the experience of healthcare employees.

As a consequence, exhaustion, burnout and dissatisfaction have become so widespread that around one-third of nurses say they are likely to quit within the next year (Source: McKinsey & Company, 2021). Before it is too late, we must take a fundamentally different approach to how we manage our healthcare workforce - an approach that creates workplaces where caregivers are safe, valued, supported and empowered.

This Masterclass will explore the causes, scale and impact of healthcare’s workforce crisis. We will discover the true drivers of caregiver engagement and demonstrate how to put in place systems for getting real-time feedback on the experiences of nurses, physicians and other healthcare employees. Most importantly, we will share IHLM’s Employee Engagement Model - a complete system of practical, evidence-based solutions that can be used by both senior leaders in the boardroom and frontline leaders at the bedside to make workforce health and well-being part of the fabric of their healthcare organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this Masterclass you will be able to:

  • understand the causes of the healthcare workforce crisis and its impact on both the quality of healthcare and the performance of healthcare providers.
  • identify what matters to healthcare staff, what drives their engagement and what causes their disengagement
  • measure employee experience in your healthcare organisation and identify the early warning signs of burnout.
  • describe IHLM’s Employee Engagement Model and define each of its eight domains.
  • use the model to identify and implement practical, evidence-based solutions that transform caregiver experience and improve the engagement and retention of your healthcare workforce.

All participants will receive an IHLM Certificate of CPD Completion and free access to the extensive online resource library that accompanies this Masterclass.


2:00 am – 4:00 pm Thailand Time

Transforming Outpatient Experience

Reimagining and redesigning outpatient care for the post-Covid world.

The huge majority of Asia-Pacific patients requiring access to specialist care receive it as outpatients. In fact, outpatient revenue is today growing at a higher compound annual rate than inpatient revenue and is likely to surpass it within the next few years. But even though healthcare providers are today shifting their priorities away from the Covid-19 pandemic and back to fundamentals, many patients remain deeply dissatisfied with the quality, accessibility and cost of outpatient services.

In terms of the numbers of patients seen, outpatient departments are the busiest part of any hospital, hence in this Masterclass we will take an in-depth look at why the transformation of outpatient care is vital to both the short-term financial recovery and long-term sustainability of healthcare providers in the region.

The Masterclass opens with an exploration of the purpose of modern outpatient care and asks whether the way we currently deliver it is still aligned with the needs and expectations of our patients. We will examine the leading causes of financial under-performance in outpatient services - including poor clinic utilisation, unnecessary and unpaid activities and patient non-attendance - as well as the causes of patient dissatisfaction and ask how we can use already available technologies to reimagine and redesign outpatient services in ways that will transform efficiency, effectiveness and experience.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of this Masterclass you will be able to

  • • identify the needs of today’s outpatients and reflect on whether the traditional model of outpatient care is still fit for purpose.
  • • understand the leading causes of patient dissatisfaction with outpatient care and of financial under-performance in outpatient departments.
  • • use appropriate metrics to evaluate the productivity and performance of your outpatient department.
  • • identify the role of virtual clinics and other digital innovations in improving outpatient services.
  • • reimagine and redesign services to deliver greater value for you and your outpatients

All participants will receive an IHLM Certificate of CPD Completion and free access to the extensive online resource library that accompanies this Masterclass.