Why Attend

Multi-disciplinary programme

Ground-breaking conference format focusing on creating effective patient support, developing strategies to better align the interests of the patients, and generating awareness in patients about their care journey

Unbiased and objective content

Thought-provoking dialogues relevant to the theme of the summit and needs of the region by speakers that are hosted independently to ensure that the topics as well as the content are neutral and non-promotional

Renowned speakers

The speakers invited for the summit are best in their respective fields and have an experience in nurturing patients by offering them utmost care. These experts share the same vision of care treatment, and advocating an approach that is multi-disciplinary

Learning experience

Delegates will get a chance to practice cross-function learning, attend sessions that are beyond their fields of interests, and subsequently engage in peer learning. Reinforce your learnings by engaging with the product showcase

Global Best Practices

Senior leaders from different parts of the globe sharing their experiential learning through insights, evidence-based case studies, strategies, implementation and results of what worked and what did not – providing participants with practical knowledge.

Transformational Journeys

Real-life scenarios, case studies, patient stories giving participants ground level knowledge and not from the 30,000 ft. viewpoint.