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Redefining and Redesigning Patient Care in Healthcare Ecosystem

Today, patient has become the centre of healthcare ecosystem, they have become more informed. With the ever-changing ecosystem, the only thing that remained constant is providing patients with the best of healthcare services. The healthcare sector is undergoing evolution on the back of rapid advancements in technology, research and development in line with the global and regional trends.

Digitization has changed the way of delivering care, from visiting hospitals to getting remote homecare, from getting local health consultation to having global access of healthcare while being at home. The healthcare sector is moving towards major advancement in technology, research, and development sectors with an aim of providing patients with the best of healthcare. The Middle East healthcare market is estimated to show a revenue growth at a CAGR of 21.58% during the period of 2021-2028 amid building Public Private Partnerships in the healthcare sector.

However, healthcare providers are grappling with several challenges concurrently, such as managing the shortage of staff, reinventing themselves, upskilling their resources, delivering care 24*7 and many more. The industry is therefore fighting an uphill battle of reinventing themselves to pioneer the future of patient engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and benchmarking in the light of COVID-19 health crisis.

Patient Experience and Innovation Summit brings together all the healthcare providers under one roof to discuss their issues and allowing them to connect, engage, learn and implement the best possible solutions to overcome these challenges which have been prevailing forever and with digitization these challenges have multiplied in numbers.

An amalgamation of new ideas, innovations, engagements, knowledge-rich dialogues, and networking opportunities, the 2nd Annual of Middle East Patient Experience and Innovation Summit will see patient innovation experts joining hands to make healthcare innovative, intuitive, and human.

The summit will prove to be a testament to how healthcare system and patient innovators from around the world, especially the Middle East countries, work round the clock to ensure that the healthcare systems offer the best experience to patients.